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Dinstar VoIP Telecommunications

Perhaps your business requires a PBX for compliance or integration purposes.
We offer various options to implement reliable telephony in an IP environment, including hosted and onsite options. Ask our experts which suits your business best.

Why choose Dinstar VoIP Products?


Dinstar has been successfully deploying business phone systems over converged networks for many years and we're a leading global VoIP manufacturer .
Trust us to deploy your VoIP smoothly.


Dinstar’s non-stop, pro-active monitoring service is backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Ideal for remote working

Dinstar devices integrates with desktop software to allow staff working remotely to access all the phone system features they’d get in the office, without needing a physical phone.


FAQ GSM VoIP Gateway

By default, when there is a incoming call on the gateway, the gateway will play default IVR “please dial extension” if user does not have any configurations. However, most of the users do not want the caller to hear the IVR, user can deal with the GSM incoming calls with the following method.

Ringback tone is an audible indication that is heard by the originator of a telephone call while the destination being calling is ringing. It is normally a repeated tone, designed to assure the calling party’s line is ringing.

The customer want check balance auto and block simcard when no_balance.The UC2000 have 3 modes to check balance: USSD/SMS/Call.

The customer want learn the SIM card number and used for auto call. The UC2000 have 3 modes to learn SIM card number: USSD/SMS/Call.

This document is trying to explain the function of “Abnormal Call Handle” on UC2000 gateway. The document contains all necessary elements required to use the abnormal call handle properly. For any further support, please contact

"Network Address Translation" is a method for translating the (mostly private) IP addresses of a network onto other (mostly public) IP addresses of another network. NAT therefore enables several PCs in an LAN on the one hand to use the IP address of the Internet Access Router for Internet access and on the other it hides the LAN behind the IP address of the router registered on the Internet. NAT therefore spares the need for each user to have a separate provider contract. If, then, the client in the LAN sends an IP packet to the router, NAT converts the address of the sender into a valid IP address, which for instance has been assigned to it by the provider, before it is passed on onto the Internet. If an answer to this packet comes back from the remote station, the NAT converts the receiver address back into the original IP address of the local station and delivers the packet in proper form. In theory, NAT can manage LANs with any number of clients.


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